Rear View Mirror Housing Mercedes R129 SL

How to Replace R129 SL-Class Rear View Mirror Housing

R129 SL Rear View Mirror

The SL rear view mirror varied depending on the year of production, our new product is compatible with 1997-2002 models of the R129. The rear view mirror housing that we manufacture has the auto dim sensor and home link slots for the mirrors that were fitted with those options. These are three button slots on the top of the housing, and a sensor slot at the rear of the housing. Most vehicles between 1997 and 2002 were fitted with these options. Look at the photos below to ensure that your mirror looks the same on the inside and has these features on it. 

With the release of our new R129 SL-Class Rear View Mirror Housing, we have created a tutorial video to show the process of installing your electronics and mirror into your new housing. You can watch the video below, or follow along with the text tutorial.

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Remove your current rear view mirror from the vehicle. This can be done by grasping the base of the mirror in your hand and pulling to either the left or right side. This may take some force to pull it apart from the dome light, but the inner spring should detach from the vehicle. Be careful not to drop the mirror as you are removing it from the vehicle. Detach any home link wires that are connected to the vehicle.

Step 2: Open the mirror housing by using a thin tool to separate the two parts of the housing. Be careful not to push the tool in too far, you don't want to damage anything inside the housing. Once the tool has opened the gap enough, you may be able to open it by hand.

Mercedes R129 SL Rear View Mirror Housing Installation

Step 3: Once open, remove the black home link buttons from the holes on the rear housing and set aside.
Mercedes R129 SL Rear View Mirror Housing Installation

Step 4: Set aside the home link button receiver that was near the home link buttons from Step 3. This box is connected to a wire, you do not need to disconnect it.
Mercedes R129 SL Rear View Mirror Home Link Receiver

Step 5: Locate the two metal clips that hold the black plastic base in the center of the mirror. Remove the first clip, push down on one end of the clip, while also slightly pulling at the frame of the mirror. The metal clip will be pulled out from the tab that holds it down. Repeat this process for the other clip.
Mercedes R129 SL Rear View Mirror Connection ClipMercedes R129 SL Rear View Mirror Clips

Step 6: Once the clips are removed, the mirror can be pulled out from the frame. Simply maneuver it around the tabs that held the two metal clips in.
Mercedes R129 SL Rear View Mirror Disassembled

Step 7: Now that the mirror and all parts are removed from the original housing, replace the mirror back into your new frame. Next, replace the clips for the new mirror, then place the place the home link buttons and receiver into the rear housing. The receiver should sit in line with the buttons, they should click when pressed, and the receiver should fit snug in the housing. 
Mercedes R129 SL Rear View Mirror Rebuilt

Step 8: Take the front part of the housing (with the mirror) and place it into the rear housing with the receiver inside. It is easier to place the front mirror frame onto the back housing because the receiver and buttons can easily fall out of place. Begin by snapping the top (the side with the three buttons) and make your way towards the bottom. The top snaps in easier, and the bottom will audibly snap in place when properly positioned.
Mercedes R129 SL Complete Rear View Mirror Installation

Step 9: Look to see that everything is properly closed, do not be worried if the side of the mirror has a gap. Mercedes did not implement side tabs on these mirrors, so some mirrors may have a gap on the sides.

Step 10: Reattach any home link wires to the connector on the header rail and reattach the mirror to the vehicle.

How did it go? Let us know in the comments below! Was this an easy tutorial to follow? If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.
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I have a new mirror for 1998 mercedes 500sl but it does not have a base to it cause someone snatched the rear view mirror out of the car and the base is still in there what do I do

Daveretta Hayes

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