Mercedes-Benz A124 Cabriolet (1990-1997) Facts and Figures

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The Mercedes-Benz A124 Cabriolet is over 30 years old now and is actually one of the rarer E-Class Mercedes that exists today. The vehicles' production period was from 1990 to 1997. We are lucky enough to have a 1994 European spec model and a 1995 US spec model here at Classic Trim Parts.

The all-encompassing designation from Mercedes is W124, which is then split into other codes based on the body style of the vehicle. The A124 is the convertible body style under that W124 designation.

A124 Production Numbers

Mercedes has published the production figures for the A124 Cabriolet, debuting with the 300 CE-24 Cabriolet in 1990. Following the debut of the A124, the E320 and E220 Cabriolets came shortly after in 1992, and finally the E200 and ultra rare E36 AMG Cabriolets in 1993.

Model Designation Years Units
300 CE-24 Cabriolet A124 E30/2 1990-1993 6,343
E200 Cabriolet A124 E20/2 1993-1997 6,922
E220 Cabriolet A124 E22 1992-1997 8,458
E320 Cabriolet A124 E32 1992-1997 12,229
E36 AMG Cabriolet A124 E36 1993-1997 *
Total Worldwide Sales 33,952

*Not separately documented.

Of the 33,952 A124 Cabriolets produced, 15,380 of them contained a four-cylinder engine, while the other 18,572 had six-cylinder engines. The E200 and E220 carried the four-cylinder engines, while the 300 CE-24, E320 and E36 AMG carried six-cylinder engines.

A124 Pricing Details

Here's a breakdown of the US market:

Year US Sales US Retail Price
1993 766 $76,500
1994 1,698 $77,300
1995 3,676 $79,000

These vehicles were over $153,000 in 2022 inflation adjusted dollars!

With just under 34,000 vehicles produced and sold worldwide, some may wonder how many are still in existence. In the United States, only 6,140 were sold here. With numbers of good-condition vehicles dwindling year over year, these cars are becoming even more rare than they once were.

Based on A124 Cabriolets sold on Bring a Trailer, prices can range quite a bit depending on the mileage and different packages fitted onto the vehicle. Higher mileage, decent condition vehicles range between $15,000 and $25,000, while the lower mileage and pristine condition vehicles can sell for over $40,000! With the number of available Cabriolets falling each year, prices may soon creep up even higher than these current figures.