Courtesy Lamp Lens Genuine Mercedes - R107, C107, W116, and W126 Models

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Item Number: CTP-2006

About this product:

This is a genuine Mercedes-Benz Courtesy Lamp Lens for R107, C107, W116, and W126 Series vehicles. This part is found in two locations throughout the front of the vehicle (on a 107 Series). Two are located in each foot well, above the pedals and under the glove box (on a 107 Series). This part does not come with the light bulb, it is only the lens.

Part Location:

Classic Trim Parts - Mercedes R107 C107 W116 W126 - Courtesy Lamp Lens LocationClassic Trim Parts - Mercedes R107 C107 W116 W126 - Courtesy Lamp Lens Location

Series Model Year Chassis
R107 300SL 1986-1989 107.041
R107 280SL 1974-1985 107.042
R107 350SL 1971-1980 107.043
R107 350SL 4.5/450SL 1972-1980 107.044
R107 380SL 1980-1985 107.045
R107 500SL 1980-1989 107.046
R107 420SL 1986-1989 107.047
R107 560SL 1986-1989 107.048
C107 280SLC 1974-1981 107.022
C107 350SLC 1972-1980 107.023
C107 350SLC 4.5/450SLC 1973-1980 107.024
C107 380SLC 1980-1981 107.025
C107 450SLC 5.0/500SLC 1978-1981 107.026
W116 280 S 1972-1980 116.020
W116 280 SE/SEL 1972-1980 116.024
W116 350 SE/SEL 1976-1980 116.028/.029
W116 450 SE/SEL 1973-1980 116.032/.033
W116 450 SEL 6.9 1975-1980 116.036
W126 260 SE 1985-1991 126.020
W126 280 S 1979-1985 126.021
W126 280 SE/SEL 1979-1985 126.022/.023
W126 300 SE/SEL 1985-1991 126.024/.025
W126 380 SE/SEL 1979-1985 126.032
W126 420 SE/SEL 1985-1991 126.034/.035
W126 500 SE/SEL 1983-1991 126.036/.037
W126 560 SE/SEL 1985-1991 126.038/.039
W126 300 SD 1980-1985 126.120

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