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Hood Insulation Pad Genuine Mercedes

Hood Insulation Pad Genuine Mercedes

R129 Models

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This is a genuine Mercedes-Benz Hood Insulation Pad for R129 SL-Class vehicles. This part is found underneath the hood, and dampens sound and protects the hood from paint damage due to heat. Over time, the heat and elements cause these pads to crumble and disintegrate into the engine bay. This is both harmful for the parts under the hood, as you don't want these pieces falling into the engine compartment, and the hood's paint from heat damage.

The insulation pad is easily installed with 14 hood pad rivet pins that run along the top, and heat resistant glue (3M #8090). Follow these instructions with the help of another person:

  • Using a large cloth, plastic sheet, or something similar, cover the entire engine bay to catch the pieces of the current insulation pad during the removal.
  • Remove the remnants of the current hood insulation pad with a plastic scraper so as to not damage the metal underneath. A glue-dissolving solvent such as "Goof Off" could also be used if necessary. The more you are able to remove, the better the new pad will be able to adhere.
  • Clean up your work area of any debris from removal. Replace your cloth, bag, or whatever was used to protect the engine bay. Lay the new hood pad on the engine with the flat side upwards and the holes for the rivet pins towards the front of the car.
  • This step is recommended to be completed by two people. Generously spray "3M #8090" glue on the entire flat side of the insulation pad, lift it up and insert the hood rivet pins to the slots on the hood. Start pressing the pad in place from the center and work your way outwards.

Fitment Information

Mercedes R129 (Model, Year, Chassis):

  • 300SL, 1990-1993, 129.060
  • 300SL-24, 1990-1993, 129.061
  • SL320, 1994-1998, 129.063
  • SL320, 1999-2001, 129.064
  • 500SL, 1990-1992, 129.066
  • SL500, 1993-1998, 129.067
  • SL500, 1999-2001, 129.068
  • SL600, 1993-2001, 129.076

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