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OVP Overload Voltage Protection Relay - Replaces Mercedes 2015400845

OVP Overload Voltage Protection Relay - Replaces Mercedes 2015400845

R107/W123/W124/W126/W201/W460/W461 Models

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This is a all new high quality reproduction of the 5-pin OVP Overload Voltage Protection Relay for select models of Mercedes-Benz R107, W123, W124, W126, W201, as well as W460 and W461 G-Wagon models.

Replaces Mercedes part numbers 126-540-47-45, 1265404745, and 201-540-08-45, 2015400845. These parts have been out of production for a long time and inventory of OEM relays are no longer available. A failed part may cause your vehicle to not start up again. It is a good idea to keep a spare part around in the case that your OVP relay fails.

These OVP relays are used to protect the vehicle's valuable electronic components from an electronic spike. If an overload from a faulty alternator were to occur, the OVP Relay is there to protect electronic components by sending the electrical spike to ground. It monitors the voltage level across electronic components and if voltage exceeds a certain point, the relay will short itself out and stop that current from reaching other components.

The most common symptom of a failed OVP Relay is the ABS fault light on the dashboard. Even if nothing is wrong with the ABS system, a bad relay may throw a fault for that. Other symptoms include tachometers that do not work, and an A/C compressor that will not engage.

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