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Mercedes-Benz R129 SL-Class/A124 Cabriolet Interior Color Guide

The R129 SL is a roadster produced by Mercedes-Benz for model years 1990 to 2002. Some of the interior color options are only available for specific ranges of years, and some colors changed throughout the vehicle's production life. Some of these interior colors are referred to by multiple names, so confusion is understandable when trying to figure out what color leather your SL has. In this article we will break down the different color options that exist for the R129 SL leather, the years that each color was available, and the Mercedes color codes for each.

The video below will show you how to find your R129 or A124 color code so you could compare it to the charts below.

Mercedes R129 SL Interior Color Options

The chart below will explain the various color codes from Mercedes, the years the color was in production, and the various names that the color was referred to as.

R129 Interior Leather Colors

Number Year Color Names
231/261/271/511/571 1990-2002 Schwarz/Black
275/575 1990-1997 Champignon/Mushroom/Cream Beige
265/565 1997-1998 Creambeige/Cream Beige/Mushroom
268/278/568/578 1990-1998 Grau/Gray
232/262/272 1990-2002 Blau/Blue
267/277 1990-1998 Mittelrot/Medium Red/Burgundy/Maroon
273 1990-1994 Brasil/Brazil/Dark Brown
274 1990-1992 Dattel/Date/Palomino
276 1990-1993 Piniengrun/Pine Green/Dark Green
561 1996-1998 Graumittel/Medium Gray/Black
234/514 1999-2002 Java
239/519 1999-2002 Helios/Shell/Cream-Beige
238/518 1999-2002 Oriongrau/Orion Grey/Ash/Blue-Grey/Grey

Differences Between R129 Interior Colors

The confusion between colors mainly stems from the gray color options, the beige color options, and the dark color options. These can be confusing because the colors have different names based on the year of the vehicle, and they are sometimes only slightly different from another color that existed just a year earlier.

Using our Classic Trim Parts Trim Caps, you can see the difference between some of the different color options available on R129 SL's:

Orion Gray vs. Gray

Classic Trim Parts - R129 SL Color Options - Orion Gray 238 vs Gray 268/278
Orion Gray (left) and Gray (right)

On the R129 SL, Orion Gray was a popular color that only existed on models from 1999-2002. Gray, however, was the darker gray color option that was only on model years 1990-1998. Orion Gray is simply just a lighter version of the Gray that the earlier models of the R129 were produced with. The photo above can be used to decipher the color of your interior leather.

Mushroom vs. Java vs. Shell

Classic Trim Parts - R129 SL Color Options - Mushroom 265/275 vs Java 234 vs Shell 239
Mushroom (left), Java (center), Shell (right)

Mushroom, Java, and Shell are commonly mistaken colors as they are some of the beige looking color options on SL's. Mushroom is the most common tan color option, and is a deeper tan compared to the other colors. Java is often confused with the Mushroom color, but with a simple look at the year of your vehicle, Java can be deciphered from Mushroom. Mushroom was an available color option for 1990-1998, while Java was only available on vehicles from 1999-2002. Shell is sometimes mixed in with these colors as its alternate name, Cream Beige, can create some confusion. The Shell color is much lighter than the other beige colors and it has a off-white or yellowish look to it. Shell was only found on 1999-2002 vehicles.

Palomino vs. Burgundy

Classic Trim Parts - R129 SL Color Options - Palomino 274 vs Burgundy 267/277
Palomino (left) and Burgundy (right)

Palomino and Burgundy are two of the standalone colors. Palomino is not similar to any of the beige color options, as it is much darker than any of them. It is a dark brown color for 1990-1992 models, and is one of the less common color options on the SL. Burgundy is quite self explanatory, as there aren't any other color options that are similar to it. This is the only red color option that the R129 SL's were produced with, and it is a deep maroon color.

A124 Cabriolet Interior Color Options

The Mercedes A124 Cabriolet had a much more limited color selection, only being sold in four different colors. The A124 shares the same color codes with the R129 that are found on your vehicle's data plate. The Mercedes A124 interior colors are as follows:

Number Year Color Names
231/261/271/511/571 1990-1997 Schwarz/Black
265/275/565/575 1990-1997 Champignon/Mushroom/Cream Beige
268/278/568/578 1990-1997 Grau/Gray
232/262/272 1990-1997 Blau/Blue


The different interior colors offered on the R129 come in various shades of similar colors, many of them being only slightly lighter or darker than the other. As for the A124, the four different color options were basic black, tan, gray, and blue. Using this guide, it may help you to decipher the name of your interior color in order to purchase parts. Let us know in the comments, which is your favorite interior color?

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