Collection: Mercedes R107 SL-Class Exterior Parts (1971-1989)

Exterior trim parts for the Mercedes-Benz R107 SL-Class. This line of vehicles ran from 1971 through 1989. We carry a variety of OEM Mercedes-Benz parts for R107 vehicles in all OEM interior colors. Our catalog also includes our aftermarket Classic Trim Parts branded parts that are molded to match the exact fit and color of your vehicle. These parts are high quality replacements for some of the hard to find Mercedes-Benz OEM parts.

Series Model Year Chassis
R107 300SL 1986-1989 107.041
R107 280SL 1974-1985 107.042
R107 350SL 1971-1980 107.043
R107 350SL 4.5/450SL 1972-1980 107.044
R107 380SL 1980-1985 107.045
R107 500SL 1980-1989 107.046
R107 420SL 1986-1989 107.047
R107 560SL 1986-1989 107.048