Installation Videos

Our products include installation instructions in the packages, and some of our products have an installation video that you can follow. Most of our Mercedes R129 and A124 products are installed quickly and easily with simple tools. Some of our products even come with special tools if they are necessary to install.

If you need more help with installation of our products or are experiencing any issues, do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email.


Sun Visor Vanity Mirror Installation Video:

In this video, we explain how to remove the sun visor vanity mirrors from the sun visor, and how to replace it with our Classic Trim Parts brand vanity mirrors. This is an easy to follow tutorial and all you will need is a small screwdriver to pry the mirror out of the sun visor, and then to remove a few screws holding the backing plate into the sun visor. 

Dome Light Cover Installation Video:

In this video, we explain how to remove the electronic plate from the Mercedes dome light cover, and how to replace it into a Classic Trim Parts dome light cover. This can be done with a dremel (we include a small dremel bit with your purchase), a thin trim removal tool (included with your purchase), a small screwdriver, and epoxy or plastic weld to secure the electronic plate back into the new cover.

Sun Visor Mounting Clip Replacement for R129 Series:

This is a simple tutorial on how to replace the sun visor mounting clips on R129 SL-Class vehicles. These are the clips that the sun visor connects into. They may crack or the metal contacts may become damaged over time. All that is necessary to replace this part is a small screwdriver and a Philips screwdriver!

Sun Visor Removal for R129/A124 Series:

In this easy to follow tutorial, we explain how to remove the sun visors from R129 and A124 series vehicles. This is helpful when replacing the trim caps on your vehicle, as the sun visor needs to come off in order to remove the old trim caps and replace them with a new pair. It may also be helpful when replacing the vanity mirror, as it is easier to remove and replace the vanity mirrors when the sun visor is detached from the vehicle.

Center Console Armrest Push Button Installation Video:

In this video, we'll be explaining how to install our center console armrest push button. This part was originally only made by Mercedes in a black color, but we have manufactured it in all of the OEM colors for R129 SL-Class vehicles. The center console push button is an easily broken part, which prevents people from sliding the center console back and forth. Follow our easy tutorial and replace your cracked or broken part today!

Rear View Mirror Housing Installation Video:

We explain how to install our Rear View Mirror Housing. This part is a two piece set of the rear view mirror housing with home link and auto dim features. This part is compatible with 1997-2002 Mercedes-Benz R129 SL. Ensure that your rear view mirror looks like the one pictured and in the video, as anything that isn't the same will not fit into our mold. This product is available in seven OEM colors to restore your R129.

Rear View Mirror Top Trim Installation Video:

Watch our tutorial on how to replace the Rear View Mirror Top Trim piece for R129 SL. This part comes in two different variations, "With Cutout" and "Without Cutout" depending on if you had a rain sensor on your vehicle. Also available in the nine different OEM colors. Find more information on the product page and watch how to replace this part.

Top Handle and Sun Visor Clip Installation Video:

Two of the easiest repairs you will find for Mercedes-Benz R129 SL. To install our Top Handle and Sun Visor Mounting Clips, it's almost as simple as removing a few screws! This will improve both the practicality and appearance of your vehicle, fixing both the folding top handle and sun visor clips.