Rear View Mirror Top Trim Piece - R129 Models

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About this product:

This is a Rear View Mirror Top Trim Piece for Mercedes-Benz R129 SL-Class vehicles. This part is the plastic piece that is located at the top of the rear view mirror, which connects into the Dome Light Console. It does not include the metal connection piece or any electronics.

There are two versions of this part. If your vehicle has a rain sensor (most 1996 and later models), you will need the part with the cutout. The rain sensor runs a wire through this piece, hence the small cutout for that wire. If your vehicle does not have a rain sensor (most 1996 and earlier models), you should order the part without the cutout. This could also be verified by looking at the current part to see if it has the cutout.

Restore your rear view mirror back to its original state with our Rear View Mirror Housing and this Rear View Mirror Connection Cap. Installation is simple, and the parts are a perfect fit, finish, and color to the original Mercedes part.

Series Model Year Chassis
R129 300SL 1990-1993 129.060
R129 300SL-24 1990-1993 129.061
R129 SL320 1994-1998 129.063
R129 SL320 1999-2001 129.064
R129 500SL 1990-1992 129.066
R129 SL500 1993-1998 129.067
R129 SL500 1999-2001 129.068
R129 SL600 1993-2001 129.076

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