Door Jamb Lock Striker Latch (Left & Right) Genuine Mercedes - R107 and W126 Models

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This is a genuine Mercedes-Benz Door Jamb Lock Striker Latch for R107 and W126 model vehicles. This part is found in the door jamb, on the base of the car. It is the part that the door latches into when it is closed. It is available in two different orientations, left and right.

What vehicles does this part fit?

All R107: 560SL (1986-1989)

All W126: 300SDL, 350SD, 350SDL, 420SEL, 560SEC, 560SEL (1986-1991); 380SE, 500SEC, 500SEL (1984-1985); 380SEL (1981-1983); 300SD (1981-1985); 300SE, 300SEL (1988-1991); 380SEC (1982-1983)

Where is this part located in the vehicle?