Top Handle Release Trim - A124 Models

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This is a Top Handle Release Trim for Mercedes-Benz A124 Cabriolet model vehicles. This part replaces OEM trim pieces that may be damaged, cracked, or discolored from years of exposure to the sun. Replaces Mercedes part numbers 124-690-87-30 (left) and 124-690-88-30 (right).

This part attaches behind the sun visor, where the top handle lever is located. This is a complete unit with the metal spring contacts, sun visor clip, and rubber bushing. Easy ten minute installation with simple tools. Lifetime guarantee from cracking!


What Mercedes models does this part fit?

All A124: E220 Cabriolet, E320 Cabriolet.


What colors are available?

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Mushroom/Tan


Where is this part located in the vehicle?

Classic Trim Parts - Top Handle Release Trim - Mercedes A124 E220 E320 Cabriolet